Dynoproject DP4L-IG is a multifunctional diagnostic device

The dyno device we use is a DYNOPROJECT, DP4L-IG. It is a immobile chassis dyno allowing to perform runs with cars of all existing drivetrain layouts.

The dyno software provides wide range of possible measures, for example:

  • controlled free run mode
  • constant velocity mode
  • road use simulation mode

These features allow us to measure:

  • wheel horsepower
  • drivetrain horsepower loss
  • engine horsepower
  • engine torque

Our dyno is equipped with circular eddy current brakes which allow us to simulate any conditions that may occur on the road. In order to provide most realistic conditions for measure process we have built the ventilation system wich can exchange triple volume of the dyno room air per minute!

DYNOPROJECT DP4L-IG features an innovative roller knurling pattern. Dedicated jagger shape create longitudinal channels in the rollers wich increase tyre grip by circa 20% compared to standard knurling.

We use DYNOPROJECT dyno to control basic engine parameters. It is done while tuning the engine. The dyno is a diagnostics tool, illustrating the engine characteristics in its full rev range. Thanks to functionality of parameter presentation in shape of graph, detailed processing and graph overlaying we can compare the certain engine parameters with other examples of the same model and also compare its performance before and after modifications.

These are marginal parameters of vehicle we can measure with DP4L-IG

  • maximum power - circa 1000HP
  • maximum velocity - about 276km/h
  • minimum wheel size - 12"
  • maximum wheelbase - 2100mm
  • maximum load per axis - 2900kg

Measurement recurrence is aboud 0,1HP with error no more than +/-2HP. Final results are averaged to DIN70020 standard.

Sample prices of dyno measurements:

  • Front- or rear-wheel drive car with manual transmission - 150PLN (175PLN for automatic transmission)
  • All-wheel drive car with manual transmission - 250PLN (275PLN for automatic)
  • Highly-modified or customized vehicles with increased preparation/measurement difficulty - 350PLN
  • Hiring the dyno - 400PLN per hour