We modify serial motor controlling software - chiptuning

It began with love to cars and tuning, we are car guys since we can remember. Then you knew us as MR-MOTORS company providing our services since 2006. We ran a tuning department making software modifications and complete mechanical improvements. In 2012 we became independent as R-PERFORMANCE to deliver full range of car tuning and mechanical maintenance.

Our offer stands out with well-engineered solutions based on our great experience gathered through many years we are in the business. We can modify your car basically just to make everyday driving more pleasant or process a full customization in consequence of which it will become one of a kind.

We kindly invite you to take a tour through our finished projects subsite where you can find the most interesting and impressive modifications we have done. We show our work on YouTube as well. Join us on Facebook to get the most recent info about the company and current projects.

Quality tools to do our work best

Software modifications are processed with the best professionel tool available on the market which is WinOLS provided by German company of EVC

Power measurement is done using the load dyno on which we can run cars with all existing drivetrain layouts front, rear and all wheel drive.

We can program the management units via OBD interface using an equipment provided by MAGIC-MOTORSPORT, TECHTEC-BYTESHOOTER and FLASHTEC-CMD

We have all professional gear allowing us to read or write the software via BDM, JTAG and stock unit interface.

W have an equipment allowing us to modify management software on-the-fly, supremely useful when fine-tuning mechanically modified engines.

Other gear needed to diagnose and repair engines is also present, provided by ROSS-TECH-VCDS, BAVARIAN TECHNIC, CDIF, VAG-CAN Professional.

Our products and services

This is our basic offer. The software modification of management system for both stock and modified engine. Every car modified this way is fine-tuned on load dyno using external diagnostics interfaces.

The final result of modificactions depends on engine components durability, used type of fuel or customer`s demands.

We can modify engine management unit, gearbox control unit and many other components such as gauges or suspension control unit.

Additional features in engine / gearbox management units

We offer you an extension of stock management units by new features:

  • Launch Control feature - the vehicle launches at predefined rpm regardless to throttle position which allows the driver to keep it fully open
  • power adjust feature - a choice between 1 to 4 predefined power output levels switched by cruise control lever or pedal pressing sequence, gives a possibility to set enigne performance depending on type of fuel (95/98/100/E85) or user preferences, funkcja knock-kontrol feature - ECU indicates (via "MIL" light) the grade of negative delay on ignition predefined value
  • Shift-Light feature - ECU indicates (via "Check-Engine" light) optimal upshift moment before engine reaches its rev limiter
  • additional immobilizer feature - predefined cruise control switch press sequence allows engine startup
  • additional rev limiter feature - runinng selected progrem ECU allows the engine to reach predefined maximum revs (3000rpm for example)

To watch additional features in service and their configuration methods please navigate to our YouTube channel.

Prepared mechanical and software solutions

Due to our long term experience in the tuning business we were able to develop our own solutions allowing to achieve better power output gains than mechanical tuning of stock engines. We packed up these solutions in STAGES developed for specified engines and car models. If then you are not exactly aware what you can expect or what we can achieve, do not hesitate to ask us about an offer for your specific car.

Examples of improvement packets we offer:

  • - STAGE for VAG-group engines - 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.7BITURBO / 3.0 / 4.2 / 5.0 - TDI / TFSI / TSI
    - BMW 2.0 / 3.0 /3.5 / 4.0 - both diesel / petrol engines
    - DSG DQ500 / manual MQ500 gearboxes - improvement / customization to fit VR6-layout engines (VW 3.2V6 / R32 / 3.6FSi )
    - development / customization / reinforcement of dual mass LUK / SACHS flywheels
    - TIPTRONIC / DSG DQ250 / DQ500 - software modifications and more efficient clutch sets with increased number of clutch plates
    - 4MOTION / QUATTRO - front-wheel-drive to all-wheel-drive conversions

Intake - exhaust - fuel - brake system

If you are looking for non-stock solutions or advanced customization, we can help you as well:

More efficient intake system:

  • better air catch before turbocharger, improved or custom intake filter
  • more efficient intercooler with intake piping
  • elimination of flow-restricting features such as EGR valves, manifold flaps, throttle bodies, intake manifolds or cylinder heads

High performance exhaust systems

  • downpipe / full custom exhaust
  • high performance catalytic converters, high flow mufflers, adjustable silencer flaps (controlled by management unit or the driver)

Improved fuel system:

  • high flow primary pump / high flow fueltank pump
  • more efficient high-pressure fuel pump (for direct injection systems)
  • fuel rails improvement / efficient fuel rail valves

High performance brake systems

  • prepared sets - developed and fabricated for specific cars (calipers, adapters, discs, lines)
  • improved master cylinders